Environmental Focus

Environmental Focus

We are conscious of our responsibility for protecting and preserving the environment. Our commitment is reflected throughout every level of our business.


Our quality assurance and environmental measures are intrinsic in our daily business operations and longer term goals.


We're continuously striving to review and improve our environmental practices and environmentally friendly product offering.


We advocate sourcing products and materials in compliance with sustainable supply chain code of conduct and the preservation of valuable resources.


We investigate opportunities to reduce the impact on the environment with paramount consideration to end of life disposal.


We preference materials which are recycled and/or recyclable in order to lessen the burden on the environment.

PremierNorthpak is at the forefront of environmental consciousness

  • The first company in NSW to launch the GoodPoly lid. A ground-breaking technology that causes the material to biodegrade in a biologically active landfill.
  • Enviroware by PremierNorthpak was introduced in 2009 and represents a dedicated range of products at the forefront of environmental initiatives. The range has been continuously added to as new technology is developed and now features more than 250 products.
  • Launch of the most eco-friendly compostable cup in the industry. The Enviroware Cup is 100% Biodegradable and Compostable.
  • The range of Bagasse (Sugarcane) products was launched in 2007 and is now the preferred choice for many of our customers.
  • Bamboo was an exciting addition to the range, with outstanding features and benefits. Manufactured without the use of bleach, chemical or laminates and totally biodegradable and compostable.
  • The demand for recyclable materials led to the introduction of the Enviroware PET range in 2013. PET has been widely endorsed due to its outstanding eco-profile.

Products are indexed based on their environmental benefits

Biodegradable: Materials break down through the activity of natural micro-organisms, facilitated by time, sunlight, air, and moisture.

Compostable: Materials undergo a biological degradation process within 90 days, under controlled conditions in a commercial composting facility.

Sustainable: Raw material are sourced from responsible forestry, helping establish a sustainable resource flow and preservation.

Recycled: Products are produced from recovered materials, therefore protecting natural resources.

Recyclable: Products that are collected, processed and then manufactured into a new product.