Packaging has a dual purpose

Protects an impression about the food provider
Projects an impression about the food provider

Customisation means much more than branding. It’s a powerful way to promote your brand and form an impression which works for your business.

Our expertise in the industry can help you make the right impression with your customers. We believe consistent and valuable impressions lead to longer-lasting relationships. We provide you with a checklist of areas to determine how you want your packaging to work for you. The process considers brand image and identity, uniformity across all materials and importantly, functionality and cost.

Packaging has a dual purpose

  1. Graphic Design – Branding, colours, motifs, and themes personalise the packaging, reinforcing your brand name and making the experience more engaging with your customers.
    • Printing directly onto packaging – We’ve made it easy and cost effective for you to create a range of branded packaging with lower production runs and our efficient stock management processes. Every product in our range which can be custom printed features a symbol, meaning that the product can be tailored with your graphic design including logo, brand colours, motifs and even personalised messages.
    • Applying customised labels, ribbons or stamps for an individual touch. An effective way to maximise your exposure without the added cost and commitment of minimum order quantities.
  1. Construction Design – Extending the brand to create bespoke packaging enhances the personalised experience and projects confidence to your customers.
    • Embossing your logo onto packaging adds to the textural experience of the packaging and creates a distinctive look and feel.
    • Creating a unique line of packaging, which is exclusive to your brand ensures your products stand out from the crowd. Our 3D Printing facilities will transform your ideas into real samples that you can touch, feel and importantly, test to ensure suitability.

Expertise in customised packaging solutions

With years of experience in all stages of customisation, we’re able to manage every part of the process.

Branding and Marketing Solutions

Our in-house marketing, merchandising and graphic design specialists will create, review and recommend tailored solutions to satisfy and hopefully, exceed your expectations.

Product Selection and Procurement

Our graphic and industrial design team will determine your desired design and product features. Our procurement team will search our worldwide network to source the most cost effective packaging solutions.

Stock and Logistics Management

Our inventory control procedures will monitor stock levels and ensure continuous stock availability. Coupled with our specialised distribution services. We're able to provide a PAYG scheme which includes progressive invoicing and delivery to multiple sites.